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Knowledge is power and teaching your students about the environment, identity protection, or their community is incredibly impactful for our future and our planet. Whether you are looking for a creative movement lesson or interactive play with a focus on the environment, our education programs are customized to you. 

We offer online or in person options, and our frog Tessa will act as an ambassador to the planet explaining through creative movement and fun activities how our individual actions can make a positive difference for our planet!


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#SR4G Partner


Their Calling and Commitment to their work is one of many reasons we are honored to be partnering with them!
“The complex demands of life today have created increased levels of pressure, overwhelm, and disconnection. As a result, youth and adults have an urgent need for more physical, mental and emotional support to thrive.
Since many of the organizations we serve lack accessible tools and resources to address these growing needs, working at the system level is essential in order to create sustainable change.”


You can download the movemindfully APP for easy access to mindfulness, movement, and social-emotional learning!



Tessa the Tree Frog GraphicDoes your group or organization have sustainability goals to meet this year?

Or are you looking to learn how your choices can positively impact the planet?

When you book an Express Shred/ Shred Lab with #SR4G, our team brings their knowledge around paper, recycling and conservation to you!


#ShredRight4good Collection Bags are a good way to add revenue, promote your business and assist with decluttering. The bags are easy to use for Shred Event Days, Charity Events or Residential Collection Programs.

They are manufactured from thick paper and are specifically designed for confidential waste collection and disposal. Equipped with self-adhesive lip at the mouth of the bag, once filled they can be sealed securely. This tamper evident lip prevents unauthorized access as the entire sack can be shredded along with the contents, ensuring complete protection and confidentiality. This disposal is not only secure, but also cost effective as it eliminates the need to empty the paper sacks prior to shredding saving unnecessary separation

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