Fundraising made easy? See what parents are saying about #ShredRight4Good!

A fundraiser that’s actually easy? In the video above, you have two real life parents whose kids participated in their organization’s #ShredRight4Good fundraiser!

They got to experience that #ShredRight4Good is a program developed to help your organization move away from traditional fundraising programs. #ShredRight4Good bags can be used to gather confidential information that contains data (e.g. tax returns, credit card statements, bills, medical records, etc.) that should be shredded. #ShredRight4Good will help you:

  • Drive revenue to your organization
  • Save the planet
  • Leave a responsible footprint
  • Protect you from identity theft

It’s easy! Here’s how it works:

1. Buy a #SR4G bag or a ticket to Shred Right.

2. Fill your bags with documents you need securely shred.

3. Choose your service option. Host a shred event, have containers on site to collect shredding, attend a public Shred Right shred event, or use our drop off program.

See our video below for a kid-friendly explanation of our program.

Interested in signing up for #ShredRight4Good? Fill out the form below to let us know you want more information, and we’ll be in touch!