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There are several ways for you to get involved in our #ShredRight4Good (#SR4G) programs. We are making it easy for everyone to support the community while protecting sensitive information and leaving a responsible footprint on our world. 100 percent of the paper collected by #ShredRight4Good is recycled. Meaning, when you fundraise with us, you’re helping keep paper out of the landfill, and reducing carbon emissions. Whether you want to fundraise for your organization or you are a business looking to give back to the community, we have an option for you.

#SR4G mobile drive thru fundraising

Through this program, your group/ organization selects a date/ time for our mobile shred truck to arrive a your location. Your goal is to get as many people to bring their shredding as possible, and each person pays a fee (at your discretion) for securely shredding their documents or IT components. Your group or organization keeps the proceeds from the event.

See an #SR4G mobile drive thru fundraising event in action and learn more, here.

#SR4G Container Collection Fundraiser

Your paper shredding can earn your group or organization money all year long with our #ShredRight4Good container collection fundraiser. We’ll deliver a secure, lockable container to your site. Your group or organization provides dates/ times for people to bring their confidential documents to your container to shred for a fee. You call Shred Right when your container is full, and we’ll securely shred all the documents in the container. Your group or organization retains the fees you collected for providing secure shredding!

Learn how easy it is to launch your container fundraising program, here.



#SR4G Express Shred/ Shred Lab

As a way to continue educating others on the importance of shredding in a safe and secure way, the #ShredRight4Good Share the Good program gives businesses the opportunity to give back to the community when they use Shred Right’s paper shredding services.





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Interested in learning more about our #ShredRight4Good programs? Want to fundraise by collecting hard drives for secure destruction? Want to get your organization started by buying #SR4G bags? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with more information about these great opportunities.

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