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Shred Right has launched its new #ShredRight4Good fundraising program! How does it work? Our program is designed to raise money for your local school or organization through selling #ShredRight4Good bags that you can fill with documents you’d like securely shredded.

Our founder Ron Mason, said of the program, “[#ShredRight4Good] brings together a focus on identity protection and giving back to our local communities, doing it all with a green footprint.”

But what makes #ShredRight4Good stand out from other fundraising programs? What are its benefits? Here are a few items to consider on how #ShredRight4Good does things differently:

More than a commodity

In today’s world, protecting your information is a must, even with printed documents.  The Supreme Court ruled in California v. Greenwood, 1988 when documents are thrown away in the trash, you give up legal ownership of those documents. Not only that, but the State of Minnesota’s Supreme Court later reached a similar verdict.

In other words, simply throwing away your credit card reports, medical records, bank statements and more could be the same as handing these documents over to a stranger. In this article from Atlas Obscura, one private investigation company talks about the different kinds of information they’ve found for their cases from other people’s garbage.

Properly shredding your documents is the answer to loose-document woes. Shred Right and the participating #ShredRight4Good organizations host on-site shred events at the end of the fundraising periods that render your documents indecipherable.

Unique way to raise money for your organization

#ShredRight4Good is not a program that’s designed to get you to buy products (cookies, candy, etc.) that you might not want or need. Rather than feel obligated to help sell these types of items, why not get involved with a service that eliminates your paper clutter and protects your information?

Through #ShredRight4Good, you can teach kids about the benefits of protecting their information at an early age. Our program also donates 50% of the #ShredRight4Good bag proceeds back to your school or organization.

Great for the environment 

Shred Right follows our Green Smart guidelines in all of our services, including #ShredRight4Good. This means that you can feel great about helping the environment all while protecting your information AND raising money for your school or organization.

Curious about bringing this new program to your school or interested in learning more? Connect with our #ShredRight4Good liaison Cindy Miller, or fill out our contact form here.