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Welcome to the #SR4G Clubhouse!

What is #SR4G?



Meet Geo

Geo is our tree frog that strives to protect the earth’s forests. He teaches how recycling protects forests by reducing CO2 and leaving more trees that he and other animals can use for their habitats and homes.

Geo also wants to help teach us all how to produce less waste that leaks into our ocean because when there is a strong recycling culture, there is less litter and waste. Geo is showcased at our mobile shred events as a reminder that saving trees through securely shredding and recycling is at the core of #ShredRight4Good’s programs.

Meet Tessa

Tessa is a tree frog and our sustainability expert at #SR4G. She is also our Express Shred Ambassador that teaches students and organizations about the importance of recycling. For example, did you know Recycled paper uses half as much energy as creating new paper. Recycling is also a $200 billion industry adding to many global economies, and recycling helps alleviate the strain of people and nations competing for scarce resources.

Tessa is helping us to understand our individual ecological footprints (the amount we take from nature- land and water- to keep us alive and deal w/ our waste) and how we can reduce them.

Meet Atlas

Atlas the iguana is up to date on the best practices to keep your identity safer. He is also the in-house expert on understanding how landfill diversion in the waste stream saves our planet. Because America’s recycling level is only at 21%, he knows he has a lot of work to do to explain how each person can help save the planet through recycling.

Did you know, everyday, America uses enough paper to wrap around the world 20 times? And, if the US could reach a recycling rate of 75% that would be the equivalent of removing 55 million cars from the road every year?

Meet Aura


Aura the toucan knows how important the air we breathe is to all living creatures. Aura leads our effort to teach how air pollution and greenhouse gases are impacting the planet, and explain how each of us can positively or negatively affect those levels. The increase of Greenhouse Gas is acting like a blanket, making our world warmer and warmer.

Did you know that when paper is thrown in the landfill, it produces harmful greenhouse gases like Methane and Carbon Dioxide. The increase of Greenhouse Gases is also cause by other human activities, like energy production and driving.

Meet Sappy



Sappy the aphid is a crafty critter that destroys trees and the homes/habitats of Geo, Tessa, Aura, and Atlas. He is an invasive species that sneaks around stealing identities and personal information, and steals resources that other individuals need and use.

Sappy will tell you how easy it is to steal personal, identifiable, confidential information, and acts as an invasive species to destroy the homes and habitats of his fellow forest dwellers.

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