Corporate Services

We provide a variety of information destruction services in many industries. Here is a look at the top industries we serve. And if you’re looking for services outside of these industries, that’s OK too! Contact us for a quote and additional information about how we can help your business with all your secure destruction needs.

Financial Services


Loan applications. Financial statements. Voided checks. Investment records. Deposit receipts. All central to the financial world. No matter where you turn, financial and insurance organizations are battling privacy issues in the news. Sarbanes-Oxley reporting, FACTA and the FACTA Disposal Rule, GLB, plus the “Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act” detailed individual compliance standards.

Shred Right works with some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. Our security-trained staff plus the most sophisticated on-and off-site shredding equipment available guarantee your material is rendered destroyed in accordance with NAID-AAA standards and practices. With so much expertise in financial information destruction, we provide guidance to ensure you not only comply with legal regulations, but your business stays out of the news as well.

Health Care


Government regulations such as HIPAA mean destroying medical records is a legal requirement. From doctors and hospitals to insurers and healthcare clearing houses, virtually every healthcare professional bears the burden of complying with HIPAA regulations.

Today with digital imaging, electronic medical records, online prescriptions and patient prescription records, health care providers barely know where to turn in order to comply with increasing legal regulations. Identity theft doesn’t just occur in the financial world. More and more patients are becoming victims of medical identity theft. False insurance claims and black market drugs have led to the need to eliminate excess paper files and easily accessed patient information.

Shred Right works with the leading hospitals and clinics in the Midwest to address these issues and develop a shredding program that mitigates risk immediately.

View NAID’s latest information on regulatory compliance for hospitals and medical offices.

Legal Services


In our experience, law firms and legal practices are actually some of the most vulnerable venues for a security breach. They deal with more confidential information than many businesses. They hear testimony from clients about their finances, credit status, health, criminal activity and more. It’s an industry where some of the most privileged information converges into one place. Every client is potentially exposed, and so is the firm’s reputation for confidentiality.

As a trusted guardian of client’s most tightly held business secrets, family trust accounts, wills and potential mergers, you need someone you can trust to guard your reputation as well. Shred Right has 35 years of working with top lawyers and firms in the Midwest.

Check out our Reader’s Choice Award from Minnesota Lawyer Magazine, “Best Document Destruction”.

IT and Data Destruction


Most of our client’s IT departments are routinely asked to wipe hard drives or degauss used media. But in fact, there is an ongoing debate over the security of these actions alone. Your company’s data, new or outdated, is valuable and the disposal of everything protecting that resource shouldn’t be left to chance. Physical destruction is the right answer. Learn more about our IT destruction services and definitions here.