Shredded Paper Recycling

what happens to your paper?

GreenSmart℠: Our Commitment to Sustainability

We believe green has been the most trend-right color for over 40 years. In partnership with clients, we help them deliver on sustainability initiatives, meet green building ratings and more.

Our GreenSmart℠ Approach

Shred Right is GreenSmart℠. GreenSmart℠ is our proprietary disposal approach designed to help our customers meet their goals – and ours. This discipline means that once your material is shredded, we follow our GreenSmart℠ disposal guidelines to keep the material out of landfills. It’s a zero-landfill policy. All shredded paper is processed for recycling by our parent company, Rohn Industries.  Recycled material comes back as tissue, toilet paper and hand towels to consumer markets. Hard drives are recycled at a licensed e-waste facility.

Supporting Green Building Initiatives

Additionally, we help buildings go and stay green by providing the systems and reports that make it very easy to comply with standards set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System (LEED).

Benefits for Commercial Building Owners

For commercial building owners and property managers, a property-wide shredding program delivers individualized pricing and billing based on volume and frequency of services. You receive documentation of the volume for shredding and recycling for ongoing LEED reporting requirements. What’s more, Shred Right’s mobile on-site shredding uses less fuel to shred more in less time. Compared to most of the standard shredding trucks on the streets, the Shred Right truck is up to 170% more efficient, using up to ¾ less fuel than other trucks. This saves more than money, it saves our planet.

Partner with Us for a Greener Future

Whatever your current sustainability and green program initiatives, ask how Shred Right can work with you to meet your goals.