Document destruction, a historical perspective – paper

Paper, paper, paper everywhere. We’re surrounded by it in our everyday lives and it’s a necessary tool in nearly anyone’s professional life in some way, shape or form. But did you know that paper has not always been a readily available commodity? It wasn’t until the early 1800’s that paper started to become as prevalent […]

35 years later: 6 questions on Shred Right from founder Ron Mason

This year, Shred Right and our parent company Rohn Industries reached our 35th year milestone. As we are in the middle of some exciting new things at Shred Right (including kicking off our #ShredRight4Good fundraising program), we wanted to take a moment to highlight the journey from our company’s beginning. We asked CEO and founder […]

Breaking news: Cambridge Analytica received private data from 50 million Facebook profiles during 2016 elections

Cambridge Analytica, a political research company linked to President Donald Trump, has been found to have accessed the private information of 50 million Facebook users’ profiles during the 2016 United States presidential campaign. The information from these profiles were gathered without user consent. The research company then used this data to create targeted political advertisements […]

Shred Right Community Connection: Todd’s Story

To us, community means standing with each other, showing our support through both the good times and hard times. This means that as a company, Shred Right cares deeply about our employees, the people they love and the causes they care about. When account representative Allana Kern shared with us about her brother’s battle with […]

IT destruction terms and definitions

New to the idea of IT device destruction? We understand. Below we’ve provided the definitions to a handful of the more common industry terms, so you know what you’re dealing with. Sanitization: The process that renders access to target data on the media infeasible for a given level of effort, rendering it indecipherable and non-negotiable […]

Shred Right Community Connection: History Day

Involvement in the Twin Cities community is important to us at Shred Right and is a sentiment shared by our employees. To better showcase this important aspect of our values, we’re kicking off a series of blog posts about the time our employees spend volunteering in their communities. Records Manager Beth Zaspel has been judging […]

Why product destruction matters

Recalls are somewhat common and happen more frequently than you may think! Defective products, discontinued products and misprinted or mislabeled products can all be a threat to your brand. Faulty printing jobs or lingering discontinued product can pose a risk to your brand if they’re not properly discarded. Someone could pass their product off as […]