Meet Jeff McLean

When Jeff McLean joined Rohn Industries and Shred Right over twenty years ago, Jeff recalls, “We weren’t very big, I think we had two semi’s and four straight trucks, now we have over twenty trucks.” He started as a security operator for Rohn and Shred Right and recalls that owner, Ron Mason, wasn’t excited about […]

Is your home shredder a data breach waiting to happen?

If your home shredder has gotten more use in the last 12 months than ever before, we understand, and know that you’re not enjoying it. Offices are closed, employees still want to securely destroy their documents, so these home shredders have experienced a bit of a renaissance. While it might seem like using them to […]

Meet Richard Tschida

  Richard “Dick” Tschida joined the Rohn Industries/ Shred Right team just shortly after Y2k. For over twenty years, he has been tracking incoming and outgoing truck shipments, overseeing inventory levels in the warehouse, and maintaining dock/ bay scheduling to insure no traffic jams or double booked loading zones. “My biggest challenge, and it’s always […]

What should I do with my old holiday lights?

It’s getting to be the time of year when you’re locating your holiday lights, and doing your annual “plug in” test to see how many bulbs are burnt out, or if enough of the lights still work that they’ll hang on for one more year. If you’re like most of us, when your holiday lights […]

Destroying Your Company’s Obsolete Inventory Doesn’t Mean Sending it to the Landfill

Scavengers pick through garbage collected at a landfill site. Image: Thibaud Saintin,    Obsolete inventory. Almost every company has it. And now it’s eating up valuable storage space, staff time to track it, the subject of brainstorming sessions to get rid of it, and designing sales and operations planning strategies to prevent it from happening […]

4 signs your company could be suffering a data breach

While no business or IT department wants to think about a data breach happening to them, data breaches occurring throughout 2020 are projected to cost organizations up to 2.1 trillion. -That’s more than four times the cost of breaches that occurred in 2015. The only good news, early detection can make a difference. Companies researched […]

Meet Eric Smith

Meet Eric Smith! Eric began driving for the Rohn Industries/ Shred Right team over 30 years ago! While he says he has driven every kind of truck in the Rohn/ Shred Right fleet, he currently services the recycling side of the company picking up paper and cardboard materials from clients. When Eric started at Rohn, […]

Shred Right + Your Old Products

Most people in the Twin Cities know that Shred Right securely shreds paper for a lot of businesses in the upper Midwest, but what fewer people know is that we also securely destroy product for leading manufacturers too. Why do companies use Shred Right to securely destroy their products that they invested money, time, effort […]