Shred Right’s Commitment to Being Green

Here’s an interesting fact about Shred Right: All materials that get shredded are 100% processed for recycling! In addition, a majority, if not all, of the shredded paper is upcycled […]

How Paper Is Recycled After Shredding

People don’t always put much thought into the recycling process and how it works. It’s understandable, we throw our recyclables into a big bin, put the bin to the curb […]

Meet Dan Mortenson

Meet Dan Mortenson! He has been with Rohn Industries from almost the very beginning, over 32 years! Dan’s role at the company has grown as the company has grown. He […]

Plastic is plastic, right?

If it’s plastic, you can recycle it, right? Not exactly. In fact, there are certain types of plastic that have never been recyclable. Do you know what your city will […]

Your cheat sheet on recycling

There are many items that can be recycled; more than you may think. However, it can be difficult to know what items you can bring where as well as consider […]

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