Our 3-Step Process to Hard Drive Destruction & Data Destruction Services

A hard drive.There comes a time when IT assets and hard drives become obsolete or break down completely. But when this happens, the items still contain important data. If your company has unused technology in storage, the safest option to get rid of it would be to have it destroyed.

At Shred Right, we help companies every day by providing hard drive destruction and data destruction services to ensure their important information isn’t stolen. Some of the IT items we destroy include:

  • Hard Drives
  • Flash Drives
  • CD’s, VHS Tapes, Data Tapes
  • Microfilm / X-Rays

With devices like these, we understand the critical nature of the information they protect. Here’s our process to safely destroy them:

Step 1: Pick Up & Collection

We can pick up the items at your location and bring them back to destroy at our location, or we can securely destroy them at your location with our mobile truck!

Step 2: Destruction

We ensure all media and the data within are destroyed in accordance with NAID standards and practices based on the appropriate destruction method for material type.

Step 3: Recycling

Once the storage devices are rendered indecipherable during shredding, we follow our “GreenSmart” final disposal guidelines. GreenSmart is a program designed to keep shredded material out of area landfills and ensures the material is recycled or incinerated at a licensed facility.

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Shred Right is your locally-owned leader for secure IT asset destruction. We were the first shredding company in Minnesota to take on large-scale hard drive destruction projects. We are the only one with a dedicated IT destruction team specializing in hard drive and magnetic media destruction.

Our mobile on-site shredder and off-site Shredding Vault™ are AAA NAID-Certified and endorsed for hard drive and non-paper media destruction. We can conduct a complete project inventory by documenting all volser numbers (for data tapes) or serial numbers (for hard drives) being destroyed and linking them directly to your Certificate of Destruction.

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