First place Reader Rankings award winner- Shred Right

Shred Right has been fortunate to support Minnesota’s legal community for the last 35 years as the information destruction authority through sponsorship of non-profit efforts and initiatives. When Minnesota Lawyer readers voted Shred Right as one of the best information destruction providers in Minnesota, Shred Right’s CEO, Ron Mason, was thrilled!  

Mason says, “Who doesn’t love getting awards? They are always nice to receive, but the ones that come from your employees, clients and the community showing you their support mean the most.” 

Mason and Shred Right started a program in 2018 to show their support and give back to the communities they’ve been a part of for over three decades. This year, Shred Right launched an initiative called #ShredRight4Good that is a turnkey fundraising program allowing any group to fundraise for their initiatives. (Get more details on how you can fundraise with #ShredRight4Good, here.) 

“There are so many practical applications for #ShredRight4Good in our local legal community, and we hope that it can drive much needed resources to support legal work that is so vital for people to access across Minnesota,” explains Mason. 

Shred Right has also sponsored community efforts like the Children’s Law Center and the Collaborative Community Law Initiative (CCLI). CCLI’s mission is to help new, recently licensed lawyers connect with lawyers that have decades of experience in an effort to help them launch practices and help our communities. 

“My first client is a low income retired person. Because of a team of supporters like you and CCLI, I was able to offer her legal help she could afford.” – Karen, CCLI member attorney 

“The legal community in Minnesota is an important part of the fabric of our cities and we appreciate the support they have shown us through Minnesota Lawyer’s award and they ways they have supported us,” says Mason. 

Thank you to Minnesota Lawyer and Minnesota’s legal community for nominating Shred Right as one of Minnesota’s best data destruction providers.