5 signs you need to schedule a shredding service

businesswoman under stress staring at clock from behind stack of papers

Copyright: Elnur Amikishiyev/123rf

Deciding to use a shredding service may be a big step for some companies, and some may need shredding services more than others. How will you know if the benefits outweigh complications? Here are some thoughts to consider:

1. Suffocating in stationary

Is your workspace becoming a veritable museum for every memo or meeting note you’ve collected in your office? An overcrowded desk covered in papers and files is the most obvious sign you might need assistance disposing of your documents. If you’re spending more time in the office digging through the clutter in an attempt to find that report from three months ago or that note from last Monday than you are utilizing that information, getting rid of clutter by using a shredding service is an option you must consider.

2. Clipping curation (and keeping compliance current)

Is your company required to keep up with various regulations – such as HIPAA, FACTA, the GLB Act and more? If you’re overwhelmed trying to handle these types of regulations or are experiencing stress when it comes to remaining compliant, it might be helpful to take a second look at whether or not you could use assistance with your data and documentation. This is especially true if you’re having feelings of doubt about what you should keep and what you should toss.

You should also be mindful of keeping confidential information not just within the realms of compliance, but also out of reach of your competitors and/or information thieves. Growing trends like business identity theft are important factors to consider when you think about how to properly store and dispose of data.

3. Shooting for sustainability

If you’re considering shifting towards, or are already transitioning to, a greener and more environmentally-friendly workplace, establishing a shredding service in your office routine would help you take a step in the right direction. Shredding ensures that your paper waste can turn over a new leaf and be securely recycled without being tossed in another landfill. This helps preserve the environment through the conservation of resources.

4. A need for trimming time

Growing concerns about the amount of time shredding page-by-page takes? If you’re starting to prefer that your staff should spend their time with more meaningful, daily tasks instead of blocking off time to run documents through an electric shredder, contacting a shredding service could help to reduce your workload and free up office time.

5. Obstructed by obsolete objects

Other signs that point to needing a shredding service don’t necessarily deal only with document destruction. Tripping over decade-old office technology that you don’t know what to do with or have piles of hard drives, CDs, floppy disks etc. laying around? These can be properly disposed of through a scheduled service as well. Older technologies that are simply tossed away can leave you at risk as information can never be 100% removed from its location on storage media. A secure solution is the physical destruction of unneeded technology and accessories.

Now that you’ve reviewed some of the tell-tale signs that your company could use a shredding service, it’s time to take action. Get in touch with us! We offer an array of services, from document shredding to electronic waste destruction to records management consulting (for those tricky regulations). We are AAA-NAID certified and supply a range of options for disposal, including mobile on-site shredding that can arrive at your location.