6 Types of Products We Can Destroy For Your Company


Paper and document shredding is a given in today’s corporate world. Because of modern technological advances, data and information security are more challenging to maintain now than ever before.

But while shredding will continue to be a significant strategy in the foreseeable future, there are plenty of reasons people use product destruction services as well. Businesses often use product destruction to:

  • Protect their reputations from products that don’t live up to the correct specifications or quality levels
  • Maintain accountability of product liability
  • Guarantee consistent customer satisfaction

Companies and individuals come to us for these reasons and plenty of others. Our product destruction services help ensure the proper, secure disposal of:

  1. Defective and off-spec products, along with obsolete inventory
  2. Gift cards, ID badges, and credit cards
  3. Pill bottles
  4. Medical equipment
  5. Fabric and clothing
  6. Playing cards, chips, games, and pull-tabs

No matter what products you manufacture, the chances are good that you can benefit from product destruction services. If you’re not taking advantage of this service, now’s the time to get started — Shred Right can help!

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Shred Right is your locally-owned leader for secure product destruction. We can securely destroy products at our location in our Shredding Vault™, or we can bring a mobile truck to your location to perform secure product destruction. We’re AAA-NAID Certified for both methods of product destruction.

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