Did you get a new computer for the holidays? What is your plan for your old one?


Did you get a new computer for the holidays this year? If yes, you are in good company. The latest survey from the Consumer Technology Association states, “Interest in desktop computers is at 25% (up from 22%) and computer monitors is up to 24% (21% in 2019),” the CTA found, “Overall, almost two-thirds (62%) of consumers plan to purchase a computing gift this holiday season.”


The price tag on a new laptop or desktop did not drop between 2019 and 2020. The average cost of a PC in 2019 was $632 according to statista.com. With the laptop shortage that hit the US in March with the arrival of COVID-19, demand was far outpacing supply. However, just in time for the holidays, “Vendors are beginning to recover,” according to analyst firm Canalys.


Whether it’s the excitement of replacing your old computer, or just being able to finally buy the one you want because it’s in stock, the last thing on your mind is what you’re going to do with your old computer now that your new, shiny one has arrived.


However, there is a “right” way and a less environmentally friendly way to dispose of your old laptop. Here are the do’s and don’ts when you want to offload an old computer.



Do review our pricing guide here on securely destroying your hard drive in your old laptop or computer.

-Do choose a secure destruction partner for your hard drive and know what they accept and do not accept for secure destruction.


-Do consider an e-waste partner to safely recycle the rest of your computer accessories (monitor/ screen, tower, keyboard, mouse).


-Do download data from your old hard drive onto a flash drive so you can securely transfer it to your new computer.


-Do know that if you have more than three hard drives you need to destroy, or are unable to drop them off between 9am and noon on a Saturday with us, you can reach out to our customer service specialists at assistance@shredrightnow.com, and they will work with you to handle your custom destruction needs.




-Don’t put your computer in the garbage. There are millions of pieces of personal data on the hard drive that you likely want to keep safe. It will not be safe in the landfill. The battery in a laptop also has the potential to leak and contaminate groundwater that may be found in your local landfill.


-Don’t just leave it in a closet collecting dust. Batteries in laptops do not get better with age. They are more susceptible to leaks as they age, making them more difficult to responsibly discard, and become more hazardous.


-Don’t just give your old computer to someone else without removing the hard drive and replacing it with a new one. When you re-format or restore factory settings you are not removing the data that’s on the drive. You are removing the placeholder on the drive for where the data can be accessed. The data is still there.


-Don’t throw the flash drive you used to transfer data from your old computer to your new computer in the trash. Bring your flash drive to Shred Right for secure destruction along with your hard drive.


Whether your new computer is needed for a new work from home set up, distance learning for a loved one, or just an upgrade from a holiday gift you received years ago, your old computer does not have to take up valuable closet space, or leave your identity exposed for being stolen. You can quickly and easily select a AAA NAID Certified secure destruction partner, like us, to insure it’s completely destroyed and responsibly recycled. We hope your new computer is something you enjoy well into the next holiday season!