How do I know if I need a professional shredding service?

Are you on the fence about whether or not to use a professional document destruction provider to securely destroy your data and information? Here are four common scenarios that cause companies to wonder if they should outsource document destruction.


I’m not in a regulated industry. Do I really need a NAID certified document destruction provider?

Businesses have a legal obligation to protect personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). You might not think your business has any of this. …  but do you require candidates to fill out applications for jobs at your organization? Do you offer a medical or dental plan to your employees?-Then you have PII and PHI on your premises. The following regulations contain specific requirements for the storage, control, access, and disposal of PII and PHI:

  • SOX
  • GLB

A secure document destruction service can help ensure your company’s information destruction procedures and policies are in compliance with local, state and federal privacy laws and regulations.


I don’t think I can afford it. Isn’t it expensive to use a NAID certified document destruction provider?

Your company’s reputation is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. A data breach can cause long-term, expensive damage to your company’s reputation. Professional, secure document destruction protects your company by providing reliable and secure destruction of confidential information.

You have the choice of how often your secure destruction provider empties your containers. Your material can be collected on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to be securely and professionally destroyed. Most professional secure destruction companies will work with you to create a data destruction plan that’s customized for your needs.

Imagine how expensive it could be if you had to pay to get your reputation back as a result of mismanaged destruction of sensitive data!


I don’t think I have enough volume to sign up for regularly scheduled shredding service, but the shredding pile is growing in the office. What would I save with a document destruction service?

Having your employees shred documents with a small office shredder is time consuming and costly. Store-bought machines can often jam or break down entirely with repeated use. Your company’s exposure grows when an employee tosses shredded material into a shared recycling bin or dumpster. Anyone with access to the recycling bins or dumpsters could dive in and leave with your information without being noticed.

A shredding service eliminates the expense and hassle of maintaining an office shredder, and relieves you from having to bog down an employee with shredding documents instead of performing their core responsibilities. Your secure document destruction provider places secure shredding collection containers throughout your office. Background checked, uniformed professionals destroy your information following NAID certified destruction chain of custody procedures.

Did you know? Depending on the municipality your office is in, your shredded material might be going into the landfill instead of being recycled? A professional document destruction provider should be sending all its shredded paper to a recycling facility, not the landfill.


I had a terrible experience with my last document destruction provider. What would be different this time?

Not all document destruction services are created equal. Was your last provider NAID certified and went through a rigorous screening process to hire and train their drivers and staff? Without NAID certification, providers aren’t mandated to background check every employee before they’re hired, conduct random background checks after they’ve been hired, and require employees to pass drug tests. Non-NAID certified providers also aren’t required to comply with having 24 hour on site surveillance, or operate a secure facility that limits access to non-employees. NAID certification is more than just a piece of paper, it sets standards that companies have to comply with yearly to maintain their standing as a NAID certified provider.


If you’re still wondering whether your company needs a secure document destruction provider to destroy your data and information, we can customize a plan that works for your company. Tell us about your company and destruction needs here, and we’ll work with you create a secure, easy data protection solution for you.