If you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, Science says it will make you happier after it’s done

No pressure, but seriously, we’re approaching June, and it’s almost embarrassing that we’re talking about Spring cleaning. But we also know that the weather has been terrible in the upper Midwest, and we’re all barely over our Seasonal Affective Disorder, and the idea of digging into the overflowing filing cabinet or dusty closet is just as depressing as the winter was. But let us make a case for tackling that Spring cleaning that you know you need to get to. Science says, we should just make it happen!


Less cleaning= More stress.
The popular thriveglobal.com, an Arianna Huffington founded online community, reports their readers overwhelmingly turn to cleaning when life has them stressed. One reader in particular detailed out the ritual of cleaning her bathroom and its restorative effects on her mood, attitude and focus.


Bring on the lemons!
While we all do our best to avoid life giving us lemons, sometimes you find yourself with a pile of them in spite of your best efforts. If life is throwing lemons at you, consider making them into cleaning products. Lemon scented cleaners can help you de-stress faster. Studies show this happy smell reduces stress. Here’s one recipe you can use to clean your house with real lemons instead of faux citrus-scented chemicals.


Do you think you can move your body for 30 minutes more each day? A 15-year Swedish study of 851 adults found benefits for adults that cut their time sitting for 30 minutes every day reduced risk of fatal cardiovascular disease by 24 percent. Even more surprising, low-intensity activities like vacuuming and dusting had positive, heart-healthy affects.


Why do you think Marie Kondo is so happy?
Deep cleaning your environment, and investing the time, effort and energy to keep it that way can improve your mood. The Mayo Clinic suggests that extra stuff can be leading to your increased anxiety level. The Marie Kondo series is still on Netflix and could provide inspiration and direction on how to wade through the clutter in your life that is bringing down your mood. It seems like it could be possible to de-clutter your way to happiness.


Don’t just Spring clean your house. . .
It makes sense that Spring cleaning your office is just as important as deep cleaning your house, especially if you’ve forgotten what color your desk is due to the sheer volume of papers and folders covering your desk. Desk disarray bogs down your effectiveness at the office. That means, you should be bringing your Marie Kondo tidying skills to your office.


If you have more than paper that you’re looking to spring clean out of your life, here are 10 other Twin Cities organizations that will take the things you’re purging from your life. And if you’re Spring cleaning is a bigger task than you’re up to, and could use the help of a professional, NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) is a great resource to help you find the right professional organizer for you. Happy cleaning!