Shred Right can securely destroy my company’s products?

Most people in the Twin Cities know that Shred Right securely shreds paper for a lot of businesses in the upper Midwest, but what fewer people know is that we also securely destroy product for leading manufacturers too. Why do companies use Shred Right to securely destroy their products that they invested money, time, effort and energy to create?


From photoshoot to production, there’s a problem

See the shoes in the photoshoot above? What happens if the shoes in the photo don’t look like the ones coming off the production line? The prototype will need to be destroyed because it isn’t reflective of what someone will get when they purchase the shoes. The photoshoot will also need to be re-shot because the photos of the prototype can’t be used to sell the product online or in stores. Not only could Shred Right securely destroy the shoe prototype, but we could also securely destroy the photoshoot negatives if a film camera was used. Securely destroying anything related to an inaccurate prototype and accompanying marketing material is a very common project for clients to contact Shred Right about because they know that once it’s shredded and recycled, they’re out of the danger of the items being mixed up for the real product that will actually be sold.


The manufacturer had to recall it

Product recalls are not fun for any manufacturer. Not only are they expensive, they’re full of liability. If the faulty product is sold to consumers before the defect is found, it’s a huge hassle to notify consumers of the issue and get the products back. And as we mention above, the manufacturer wants to make sure the faulty product is not confused with the “good” version of the product, and will need to take every effort to keep the recalled items away from the sellable inventory. While product recalls are one of the biggest headaches a manufacturer can go through, at least when they choose Shred Right to securely destroy the less-than-perfect product, the manufacturer can feel confident that the recalled items won’t make their way back to the marketplace. This reduces the manufacturer’s risk, mitigates the concern about any continued PR issues, or third party resale of the recalled goods.


Do you have a no waste mandate?

Shred Right is able to securely destroy just about anything. We are committed to keeping everything we can out of a landfill, and if we don’t have a downstream partner that will recycle our shredded material, we might need time to research how to responsibly take on a project. That’s also one of the reasons our clients choose us to securely destroy their items. If a client has a goal of reducing their carbon footprint or how much waste their generating, we’re a great partner. Starbucks made a commitment this week that by 2030, they are targeting 50% reductions in carbon emissions, water withdrawal, and waste sent to landfills. Choosing to securely destroy product with Shred Right not only protects your company’s reputation and gives you control over the products consumers have access to, you can reduce what you’re company is throwing away.


If your company has never considered secure product destruction in the past because you thought it was unnecessary or potentially too expensive, think about the cost of warehousing product you can never sell for the rest of its life, or the expense of defective or recalled merchandise making its way into the second hand market. If you have a secure destruction project that you’ve been putting off, reach out to us here to discuss your project. We’ll help you keep it out of a landfill and free up some much needed space in your facility.