A Day in the Life of a Shred Right Security Operator

At Shred Right, we hold ourselves to a high standard of service. It’s easy to look at this in the big picture, but what does it mean when it comes to the day-to-day routine? Let’s take a closer look at a typical day for a Shred Right Security Operator—the friendly people who provide safe and secure confidential destruction and collection of your materials.

Service Areas Determine Route Frequency

A Shred Right Security Operator works on a fixed scheduled route basis determined by our internal 4-week service cycled schedule. Routes and schedules for the Security Operators are geographically set based on the needs and the number of customers.

Our service regions include the entire State of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, and Northern Iowa. Here are a few important details to keep in mind:

  • The 7-county metro area receives service more often and more frequently due to higher density commercial areas and the volume of customers utilizing our services.
  • Outer lying metro areas receive less frequent services (Every 4, 8, or sometimes 12 weeks), due to the lower density of commercial business and distance from one larger city to the next.

Think of it like a spider web: The closer you are to the middle of the web, the tighter the gaps are. The further you get out of the web, the larger the gaps are.

The Daily Schedule

Each morning, the Security Operator will log into their route and see a set of customers for the specific week along with additional, varying customers in those same general areas. Most of the route is pre-set, planned, and scheduled, but the Security Operator will also handle add-ons for those areas such as cleanouts, purges, or additional service.

Ensuring You Get Optimal Service

We do everything we can to understand your service needs ahead of time to guarantee you get fast service with low wait times. Since we operate on a fixed service schedule, we’ll provide you with a service calendar with details on when we’ll be in your area.

If you have additional material or extra needs, your best option is to contact us a week in advance to have those needs added to your existing schedule. If you’re planning for a cleanout or purge of records, plan those as far in advance as possible because you may need additional equipment or more frequent service.

All Shred Right Trucks and Security Operators are pre-scheduled to optimize the use of our equipment and to help support the needs of our customers. The more efficiently we operate, the better service and pricing we can provide.

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