Back to the Office? Prioritize Your Shredding & Destruction Policies


COVID-19 has made a major impact on the way people do business. But after months of people working from home during the pandemic, many companies are bringing employees back to the workplace.

If you’re shifting daily operations back into the office, you’re probably putting a lot of thought and planning into health and safety protocols. But have you also considered the safety of important company data and information?

Developing Your Company’s Shredding & Destruction Strategy

First things first—Does your company have a compliance department? If so, your office may have an established set of guidelines for what documentation and items need to be destroyed and how frequently it needs to happen.

If you don’t have a pre-existing shredding and destruction strategy, then you can create one! Some things to keep in mind when creating a gameplan:

  • Items and documents that should be shredded or destroyed.
  • Shredding and destruction frequency.
  • Types of bins to provide for employees in the workplace and how many of them to implement.

Please Note: If you’re having a tough time creating your own shredding and destruction protocol, we can help you get started. Contact us to learn more!

How Employees Can Help Keep Company Information Safe

If your employees are coming back to the office soon or have only done so recently, there may be some clutter on their desktops or in their file drawers. It’s totally understandable, but a good clean-up should definitely be a priority.

Schedule a day where all employees are encouraged to de-clutter their workspaces and make sure the company has shredding and recycling bins readily available to make the process easy.

Don’t Wait, Your Business’ Data & Information is Too Important

Data can easily be stolen, whether digitally by hackers or from people simply swiping documents from desks or even trash bins. Prioritize your company’s information and privacy and protect them through shredding and destruction services.

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