Shred Right Community Connection: History Day

Six trifold presentation boards together in a picture collage

Image Credit: Beth Zaspel

Involvement in the Twin Cities community is important to us at Shred Right and is a sentiment shared by our employees. To better showcase this important aspect of our values, we’re kicking off a series of blog posts about the time our employees spend volunteering in their communities.

Records Manager Beth Zaspel has been judging History Day projects for several years. This is what she had to say about her most recent experience judging exhibits at Park High School for the local level this year:

“I’ve been involved in History Day for several years. Previously I judged websites at the regional level.  This is the first time I’ve judged exhibits at the local level. It was a fun change and a totally new experience.

The classes participating were French and German world language classes, thus the focus on French and German history. This year’s theme was “Conflict and Compromise.”

One thing I can say—each year I participate, I learn something new. Whether it’s subjects I don’t recall covering in middle school, high school or college, or gaining new perspectives on subjects I do recall, I’m always impressed with the students and the work they do.  Guess I’m just a history geek – as many of us records managers are!”