Governor Tim Walz names January 28, 2020 Data Privacy Day!

Data breaches make news headlines almost every day. To remind everyone of how important it is to consider the amount and types of information we share, Tuesday (1/28/2020) has been designated as Data Privacy Day in Minnesota by Governor Tim Walz. Walz issued a proclamation in recognition of this international campaign, and Shred Right asks Minnesota residents to set aside a couple of minutes on that day to evaluate what steps they take to protect their personal information.

For over 36 years, Shred Right has been in the business of helping Minnesota residents and businesses protect their data. With services like secure destruction, data breach reporting services, and data breach assessment services, Shred Right have worked with several administrations to get Data Privacy Day proclaimed as an official event recognized across the State of Minnesota. We are proud that data privacy and protection are being recognized as a critical topic warranting a day that highlights the importance of keeping your data and information safe.

Join us in celebrating Data Privacy Day on Tuesday, January 28, 2020!