Hybrid Work Schedule? Here’s How to Keep Company Data Safe

Traditional workdays are gradually being phased out. The COVID-19 pandemic opened the eyes of many business owners to the reality that employees can be productive while working remotely.

Plenty of businesses have decided to go completely remote, but many are shifting towards a hybrid work schedule (some days in the office, some days working from home). Hybrid schedules have advantages, but they also come with some risks.

A laptop, tablet, and smartphone set up neatly on a wooden table.

How to Avoid Data Exposure From Hybrid Work Schedules

If employees are splitting their time between home (or other locations) and the office, the reality is they’ll be transporting sensitive data in the form of paper documents or electronics. But there are ways to mitigate the risks. Here’s what you can do…

— Diligence is crucial when splitting time between a work office and a home office. When employees are in the office, have them clear out any sensitive data from their briefcases or bags. Provide them with secure shred bins and ask that they take home only what they’ll need for the range of time they’ll be working remotely.

— Company laptops are changed in and out periodically. Make sure employees are using secure, complex passwords (“12345” will not do!) and ask that they change their passwords regularly.

— When you’re upgrading employee laptops or other electronic equipment, make sure you’re taking the proper measures to securely destroy any outdated device. Hard drive destruction and electronic recycling will mitigate the risk of any exposure.

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