The importance of using a NAID-certified vendor

Shred Right truck driver latching back of truck door that shows NAID logo

Copyright: Shred Right/Rohn Industries

The continued rise of data breaches and cases of identity theft means document destruction companies and services are becoming more common, as is the necessity to protect your information. With so many document destruction companies to choose from, you may begin to think everyone’s services promise a similar amount of quality assurance. However, that is not always the case.

The meaning of certification

Many document destruction companies today are assessed by NAID, or the National Association for Information Destruction. If they’re deemed compliant with the association’s audit, they receive a AAA Certification. We’ve received AAA-NAID certification since the beginning of our founding at Shred Right. Though NAID now measures only for AAA rating as compliant, and we received AAA when the certification was tiered into A, AA and AAA rankings.

Receiving AAA NAID certification indicates a commitment to compliance with the needs of and aims of the information destruction industry as well as knowledge of proper practices and handling of customer materials.

Companies that are not AAA NAID certified likely will not produce the same quality of service as those who are certified, and this can affect every aspect of the process, from particle size to where shredded materials end up at the end of the cycle. For 35 years, we’ve held our commitment to information security and have passed each NAID audit. These scrutinizing audits are typically randomized on when and where they will assess provider services. In other words, you are subject to upholding their standards at any point in the year.

What if a company isn’t certified?

Often times, working with companies who are not NAID certified can lead to information being disposed of improperly. This puts your business or personal information at risk of data breaches, theft of identity or trade secrets and more. These risks can leave permanent damage to your brand or company’s reputation and ultimately its success.

While being NAID certified is vital to us, we also work to build our reputation to protect yours by partnering with other organizations. Currently, these include the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Data Protection Association (DPA). These partnerships allow us to stay even further connected to our industry and the communities we serve.

To learn more about the importance of NAID certification, check out the video on their site for more details. Then, get in touch with Shred Right to have your information destruction needs taken care of. Our NAID certification is just one of many ways we show our dedication to keeping your information safe and serving our local community.