Is now a good time for a one time shred with Shred Right?


What is a one time shred, and why do businesses and individuals schedule them? A new year, and tax season are two common triggers that get businesses and individuals thinking about what they should be doing with their previous year’s confidential information. A one time shred can vary in size and scope depending on the volume of material that needs to be securely destroyed. A one time shred for one company can mean Shred Right is picking up hundreds of boxes of paper that contain outdated or expired employee records, old tax returns or bank statements/ returned checks. For another organization it could mean securely destroying all the hard drives that have accumulated in an IT department over the last twelve months.

There are hundreds of reasons why one time shreds happen. So how do you know if you need to schedule a one time shred, especially if you have regular bin service from an information destruction provider?


1.You have so much material that It can’t fit in your bin, even if you add another date to your current service schedule

In the past, when you’ve had extra material, you’d just add it to your bin when it wasn’t full, because your regular service was happening soon. However, because you just emptied out ten filing cabinets that were overflowing, your entire office would have to stop putting paper in the shred bins for a year to get all the material out of your office that came from the filing cabinet project. You might not have known that Shred Right will do a one time shred, or you might think it’s super expensive to have us come out separately, but we have a lot of customers who will do their one time shred along with their regular service. Can you imagine what you could be doing with the space that is currently housing un-used filing cabinets? Or is there a new way to allocate the space the used to be the file storage room? Imagine the possibilities!


2.You have product or IT that needs destruction

If you’re a Shred Right customer with regular, scheduled bin service, did you know we can shred product or hard drives for you in addition to your paper?  If you have these types of materials, it’s best not to just stack them next to your shred bin and hope your driver will take them.  Rather, you will want to reach out to our Customer Support specialists at / 651.647.3484 and arrange for them to be securely picked up. Or if you prefer, you can always visit and fill out on online quote request .

Why shred your hard drives and product? Consider the fact that a single gigabyte of data can contain between 5,000 and 15,000 pages of printed information.  Now consider the average hard drive holds around 250 gigabytes, with that much information, a hard drive might as well be gold. Do you want to leave gold lying around your office?  And don’t try one of these ways to destroy your hard drive. . .

In terms of product destruction, it’s one of Shred Right’s least known shredding capabilities, and something you may not think would apply to a company that does not actually produce products. But, what about other things within your organization?  Does your company have items like uniforms, branded marketing materials or staff ID badges?  And for those companies who do produce products, what do you do with prototypes, over runs, or defective product?  These are all things manufacturing companies take great strides to keep out of the second hand market, and all things Shred Right can securely destroy.


3.You use Shred Right at your office, but not at home

Your office uses Shred Right, but you think your manager might notice if ten or twelve banker’s boxes full of paper from your basement show up some week. Shred Right takes care of residential shredding too. You can call us to perform a one time shred at your home too. We’ll come to you with our truck, and you won’t have to have an awkward conversation with your manager, or spend hours of “quality time” with your home shredder.  Also, depending on your municipality, if you were planning on putting your “home shred” paper in your recycling bin, your city might not take it. Or if they do remove it from your bin, it may end up in the landfill because the recycling center can’t process it safely.


4.You’ve finally got years of files uploaded into the cloud, and you want the files out of your home/ office/ workspace, NOW!

You’ve painstakingly scanned all your paper files into the cloud. You’ve been staring at the pile of files for far too long. You are starting to feel like if the piles hang around much longer, they’re never going to leave! You can call Shred Right, we’ll remove your files, and your space will be yours again! Take a moment to congratulate yourself on a tedious project well done!


Is that one time shred sounding better and better? One phone call to Shred Right’s Customer Support Specialists or a few clicks on our online form here, and your one time shred will be scheduled! Save your sanity and the environment by getting your one time shred scheduled today!