IT destruction terms and definitions

hard disk next to ssd disk (solid state drive) blue technological background

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New to the idea of IT device destruction? We understand. Below we’ve provided the definitions to a handful of the more common industry terms, so you know what you’re dealing with.

Sanitization: The process that renders access to target data on the media infeasible for a given level of effort, rendering it indecipherable and non-negotiable in a professional manner.

Magnetic media: A method of storing media that uses different patterns of magnetization to store data and is a form of non-volatile memory. Also known as IT or mixed media.

*Limited to CDs, DVD Diskettes, LTO/Ultrium tapes, 9840/9940 data tapes, 3480/3490 data tapes, 3590/3570 data tapes, Travan data tapes, 8/4mm or DDS data tapes and optical platters, unless otherwise agreed to in writing and approved by Shred Right.

Disk Drive (HDD): A data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using rapidly rotating discs (platters) coated with magnetic material and commonly used as a computer main data storage device. Also known as a hard drive.

Solid-State Drive (SSD): A data storage device that uses integrated flash-based circuit assembly. These contain no actual “disk” and are also known as solid-state or electronic disks.

Microfilm: Film bearing a miniature photographic copy of printed or other graphic material, usually of a document, newspaper, book pages etc. made for a library, archive or the like. Also known as Microfiche.

Flash Media: Any data repository or storage system that uses flash memory. The size and complexity of such systems range from portable USB drives and memory cards to enterprise-class array-based memory systems.

Project Inventory: A documented list of volser number (for data tapes) or serial numbers (for hard drives) relating to the destruction. It provides a detailed record of each item being destroyed and links them directly to a certificate of destruction.

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