Meet Jeff McLean

When Jeff McLean joined Rohn Industries and Shred Right over twenty years ago, Jeff recalls, “We weren’t very big, I think we had two semi’s and four straight trucks, now we have over twenty trucks.” He started as a security operator for Rohn and Shred Right and recalls that owner, Ron Mason, wasn’t excited about buying a mobile truck to service clients on site. “Ron was a little hesitant, but he ended up flying me to North Carolina to pick up our first mobile truck, and look where we are now!”

Jeff says flying to North Carolina was one of his favorite moments during his career at Rohn/ Shred Right. Jeff now oversees the shred vault, runs Shred Right Dispatch and assists our Manager of Transportation to keep everything running smoothly and on time. His favorite part of his day-to-day role is interacting with customers and building relationships. Jeff says, “It’s been fun to see the company evolve into where we’re at today, and I’ve enjoyed being able to grow with the company.”

Another big change at the company from the time Jeff started to where Rohn/ Shred Right is today is the addition of IT and product destruction. “Since Christie (Director of IT Destruction) joined the company, we’ve added a lot of IT capabilities and seen all kinds of product get securely destroyed,” Jeff explains, “I think we saw a lot more shredding in general after 9/11, but there’s even been more focus on digital storage and destruction.”

If Jeff isn’t in a mobile shred truck, working with a customer or planning next week’s routes, he’s likely watching football, NASCAR, or spending time up north with his family. “I’ve been married to Jamie for 20 years. We have 2 children, 17 and 14. We have a place up north that we like to go to a lot all year round, and I can do lots of hunting with our youngest son,” Jeff says.