35 years later: 6 questions on Shred Right from founder Ron Mason

This year, Shred Right and our parent company Rohn Industries reached our 35th year milestone. As we are in the middle of some exciting new things at Shred Right (including kicking off our #ShredRight4Good fundraising program), we wanted to take a moment to highlight the journey from our company’s beginning. We asked CEO and founder Ron Mason about achieving this milestone and the background of Shred Right.

What does it mean to you that Shred Right/Rohn Industries has reached this milestone of 35 years?

Ron Mason: It means that I can now see the company reaching 50 years. A meaningful accomplishment, given the business was started with $1,300 and a pickup truck. It also has me intently focusing on what I want to accomplish in the next 15 years and the legacy I want to leave behind with my business.

What inspired you to create and build Shred Right and its brand into what it is today?

RM: My father raised me with a simple philosophy, if it is not done right, it’s wrong. No exceptions, no excuses, no extenuating circumstances. Our name reflects our commitment and our focus on that simple principal.

When Shred Right was founded, what initial aspirations did you have for the company? How have these aspirations evolved or been surpassed in the past 35 years?

RM: The drive behind the company really hasn’t changed much in 35 years. We are customer-focused and service-driven. We strive every day to give our customers a reason to choose us for their recycling and destruction needs. To differentiate ourselves.

What have been the greatest challenges to Shred Right/Rohn Industries over the years and how have you overcome them?

RM: My degree is in political science and my back ground is manufacturing. The biggest challenge was establishing the company in a competitive market place where we started on the outside looking in. The solution for that is hard work. Work ethic makes up for a lot of shortcomings.

What are some of the largest achievements that come to mind when you think about the past 35 years?

RM: First and foremost, that we are still here. Starting a company with $1,300 is fairly naïve. I also look at our employees, the caliber of customers that we have attracted and the innovations we have brought to the shredding and recycling market places. I take a lot of satisfaction in who we are.

What’s next for Shred Right and Rohn Industries? Where do you go from this anniversary moving forward?

RM: Shred Right will be spending a lot of energy developing a charitable initiative—#ShredRight4Good—that brings together a focus on identity protection and giving back to our local communities, doing it all with a green footprint. Shred Right will also be continuing to expand its position as a leader in the IT destruction space. Rohn Industries is focusing on expanding its presence in outstate Minnesota and being involved in a program that replaces coal with clean burning fuel pellets.


We’re looking forward to what the future has in store for Shred Right and Rohn Industries. We’re glad to continue serving our local community with all its information destruction needs.