Rohn Industries/Shred Right hires Craig Mandery

SAINT PAUL, MINN- January 3, 2019-  Rohn Industries/ Shred Right announced today that Craig Mandery has joined Rohn Industries and Shred Right as the Chief Operating Officer of Rohn Industries and President of Shred Right. In his dual roles he will have all operational responsibilities for Rohn Industries and all sales and operations areas for Shred Right. 

Mandery has tremendous experience in overseeing functional areas of multi-million dollar organizations and has a track record of finding efficiencies and growth opportunities. Mandery will play a key role in the operational aspects of keeping Rohn Industries/ Shred Right moving and growing. Respected for his strong sense of fiscal responsibility, he is credited with dramatically increasing profitability across multiple areas in his previous roles. 

“With his background in operations, and printing industry experience, Mandery is recognized for the unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen that he’s brought to the business community for decades,” said Ron Mason, CEO of Rohn Industries/ Shred Right. “In this new COO/ President role, Mandery’s steadfast leadership will continue to be invaluable as we drive Rohn Industries/ Shred Right’s next stage of growth.” 

About Rohn Industries/ Shred Right 

Founded in 1983, Rohn Industries/ Shred Right is celebrating 35 years in business. Rohn Industries, known as an industry leader in paper recycling, continues to drive businesses to zero waste, and implement no landfill initiatives like GreenFuel™. Shred Right is AAA NAID certified, and the information destruction authority.  Shred Right clients and customers know that their sensitive data and information is being destroyed in a secure, responsible manner in accordance with the highest industry standards.

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