We got the NAID stamp of approval, again!

We are excited to announce that we received our AAA NAID certification again! You might be wondering why this is such a big deal because we get it every year, but it IS a BIG credential for us that affects our clients and customers.


Without NAID certification, we wouldn’t be mandated to background check every employee before they’re hired, conduct random background checks after they’ve been hired, and require employees to pass drug tests. We also wouldn’t be required to comply with having 24 hour on site surveillance, or operate a secure facility that limits access to non-employees.

We also could choose to keep the data of our customers less secure. NAID requires us to have a secure chain of custody that we can document should a customer want to know how their data or information is handled. NAID also stops by our location, unannounced, to make sure that our site is up to date beyond a scheduled inspection. It’s like getting a surprise review from your boss that could result in getting fired if you’re not doing your job the way you say you are. We take our NAID certification and accompanying standards seriously, and take pride in being able to deliver world class secure data destruction.

So what would happen if we were no longer NAID certified?

We work everyday to insure we don’t have to find out the answer to that question, but we could still be NAID members. What does that mean? It means that we could be part of the organization, but wouldn’t have to run our business up to NAID standards. We currently hold 11 NAID certifications, so it’s possible that a vendor could be NAID certified to securely destroy your paper, but not product, IT/ media or hard drives. We recommend you double check with a NAID certified vendor that they hold all the applicable certifications for the item you want securely destroyed.


Our goal isn’t to give ourselves a big pat on the back with this announcement, but we do want to share with you how proud we are to be NAID certified again, and announce expanded NAID certifications! To us, it’s more than just a certificate on the wall, it’s our pledge to our clients and customers that we hold ourselves to exceeding the highest standards in the business.