We need your paper!

A lot of us have spent more time at home in the last month than ever before. We’ve been hearing from our staff, families and friends that it has prompted them to do some intense “Spring Cleaning.” If you haven’t gotten rid of your outdated or confidential documents yet, please consider getting them to us at Shred Right. We need your paper now more than ever! Here’s why:


The paper industry is trying to re-stock shelves

Did you know that all the paper we securely shred is recycled? After your paper is shred, it’s sold to paper mills for processing. The mills then use it to create toilet paper, tissue, hand towels, paper towels and a lot of other sought after paper goods. Providing Shred Right with your paper for secure shredding plays an integral part in supplying the paper industry with the raw product it needs to create product to re-stock our retailer’s shelves.


Your home shredded documents will likely end up in the landfill

Most municipalities cannot accept the documents you’ve shredded at home, even if you’ve put them in a paper bag and placed them in your recycling bin at your curb. The processing plants can’t handle shredded paper because it gets stuck in their machines, so it ends up going into the landfill. So if you’re hoping to get through your shredding pile at home with an office style shredder, you can still plan to do that, but consider bringing it to our Shred Right HQ or a Shred Right shred event to insure it doesn’t end up in a landfill or in the hands of someone who will use your identity or information to their advantage.


Shred events impact our communities in a positive way

Consider hosting or attending a Shred Right shred event on Saturday, May 2nd! Get all event details here. Our events are drive-thru style events that don’t require attendees to leave their vehicle, and align with social distancing guidelines. Not only do Shred Right shred events provide a secure platform for destroying your sensitive documents, they are also a great way to reach out to employees, customers and clients to show them your gratitude.


If you’re looking for an outlet for all of the paper you gathered from your spring cleaning, we want it! By getting your paper to Shred Right, you can be sure that it will avoid the landfill, it will help the paper industry get the shelves re-stocked with paper products, and help a locally owned business support its employees.