What is Shred Right Readiness PRO powered by CSR Privacy Solutions?

Take a quick scan around your office. How many devices can you count that likely have data belonging to your company on them? And how much of that data would be damaging if it went missing or fell into the hands of your competitors? Oftentimes, when people hear about a data breach happening they immediately picture a shrewd hacker getting access to a system, server or network with the intent of stealing information. While those incidents make the news almost weekly, there’s a more common cause of data breaches; human error. So how can Shred Right Readiness PRO powered by CSR Privacy Solutions help?


  1. The CSR Readiness Assessment helps you understand what types of data you have, and the policies you have protecting your data

The assessment will take you through a series of questions to help you understand how your employees store, access and share data and information. It will ask you about the policies you have in place, and point out areas where policy development might be necessary. We know, it sounds boring, but IBM conducted a study on the average cost of a data breach for small businesses and found that companies with less than 500 employees, on average, suffered losses of more than $2.5 million. Finding holes in your data storage, retention and sharing policies before you need them might just be the reason you find yourself with an extra $2.5 million in the bank this year.


  1. Shred Right Readiness PRO powered by CSR Privacy Solutions includes a list of best practices and policies you can implement

Don’t you hate it when someone points out all the things you’re doing wrong, but doesn’t give you the tools to fix it?

Shred Right Readiness PRO powered by CSR Privacy Solutions will give you access to a library of best practices, templates to develop policies that work, and solutions that you can put to work immediately.


  1. You’ll be able to report a breach quickly, and get support

Whether it’s a flash drive being left in a conference room, or a laptop being stolen out of a vehicle, when the person in your company who manages data and information becomes aware of a potential data breach, they can call the 24/7 support that CSR Privacy Solutions provides. The individuals answering the phones are Certified Information Privacy Professionals, and will give you the tools you need to determine if a breach occurred, and what notifications your company needs to do (if any) as a result of the breach.


While Shred Right and CSR Privacy Solutions can’t entirely stop human error, we do want to give you the tools through Shred Right Readiness PRO powered by CSR Privacy Solutions to train your team to protect your company’s data, improve or create policies to protect your data, and the solutions to act quickly if you suspect a data breach.

If you’re wondering how this could work for your business, or have questions about enrolling, our team of customer support specialists can help: 651.647.3484 or assistance@shredrightnow.com .