Why product destruction matters

Old tennis shoes with holes in them zoomed in against wooden background

Copyright: Lane Erickson/123rf

Recalls are somewhat common and happen more frequently than you may think! Defective products, discontinued products and misprinted or mislabeled products can all be a threat to your brand. Faulty printing jobs or lingering discontinued product can pose a risk to your brand if they’re not properly discarded. Someone could pass their product off as yours which can threaten your brand’s image and reputation if that image or product is misused in some way or presents the idea that your brand aligns with the values and beliefs of those stealing it.

Defective products can be an even greater liability. In 2015, defective clothing was associated with 345,836 injuries and in 2016, the most expensive recall to date cost $26 billion USD from Takata airbags.

Statistics like these make it important to dispose of the of the defects as quickly and properly as possible – a short loss in potential sales by disposing of defective material might not be as bad as a major loss to your brand’s reputation as a result of a defective product’s impact on consumers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a great tool that can help give you guidelines for your products if you have concerns about compliance.

What if you don’t have defective products or discontinued products, but have branded materials (i.e. old uniforms, logoed name tags) or older technologies laying around taking up space that you’d like to get rid of? This is another area of disposal that you shouldn’t take shortcuts on. Simply tossing these materials in a dumpster for anyone (even possible competitors) to find leaves your brand exposed.

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