What is off-site shredding?

Shred Right shredding trucks parked alongside building

Image copyright: Shred Right

If you’ve been following our journey through the history of shredding, you know that the machines we use to shred paper today have come a long way since their creation. As history has unfolded, shredding and document destruction have become extremely important for individuals, banks, hospitals, businesses, militaries and governments across the world.

Shred Right is there for it all. We are the Upper Midwest’s most comprehensive shredding services company and have been for more than 35 years. With Shred Right, document destruction is easier than it has ever been, through our mobile on-siteoff-site shredding vault or drop-off shredding services.

What’s the difference between on-site and off-site shredding, you ask? Excellent question.

Mobile, on-site shredding is where a shredding company comes to you, with a shredding truck or machine, and leaves when the document or device destruction job is complete. This service is most often used for the destruction of paper but can also process IT/media and other products. Many businesses use on-site shredding because it is immediate, efficient and happens right in front of their eyes.

Off-site shredding (sometimes called plant-based shredding), on the other hand, is when a shredding company sends a retrieval truck or team to pick up your documents for shredding at a later time in an off-site facility. Off-site shredding is a great option for large shredding projects, is more economical and can remove parking issues that arise with mobile shredding. You also have peace of mind that people on the sidewalk are not interested in your private documents.

At Shred Right, we like to think of our Off-Site Shredding Vault™ as the Fort Knox for paper. Our crosscut shredder renders materials virtually unrecognizable. The vault is fully enclosed and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Shred Right personnel and closed-circuit cameras. Our system is secured with restricted keyed access points, and no one gets into the vault without an escort. We have property-wide motion detectors and alarms. Processing up to 35,000 pounds of material per hour, our vault works hard and fast.

That’s as secure as it gets. Don’t believe us? We were featured in Secure Destruction Business Magazine for our vault. Contact us and we’ll help take care of your shredding needs and leave you with peace-of-mind about the security of your confidential information.